Important update

Created on 17 October, 2023 • 2 minutes read

Hey there,

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster for SQR, and I want to share what’s been happening.

Back in March, I decided to outsource the platform’s rebuild to a team of devs. The goal? To revamp everything based on designs I made and feedback you all gave. But, as you might have picked up from earlier updates, it didn't go to plan. Six months down the line, not only was the platform still not ready, the devs vanished with all the code. That lost me $40K. I outsource this because, well, I was looking forward to spending time with my incoming little girl, next to tackling customer support and marketing.

Now, I’m not one to shift blame. This was fully on me. But honestly? Luck wasn't really on my side this year (except for the little one of course).

Given that failure, I decided to rebuild everything myself. It was a few intense weeks, but I managed to build a version that I genuinely believed was perfect in most ways.

Here’s the thing. A lot of you missed the good old platform. The new one had issues handling the massive influx of users and those Short QR codes. So, considering that many of you couldn’t access your assets like before (though I promise they still work), I’ve made the call to revert to the familiar platform with a few upgrades.

 All your data’s safe. Even the new assets you created on the recent platform? Yep, that’s all in your “old” dashboard.

For those who have the agency plan, I’ve got some new things coming your way on the "old" dashboard. Starting off with Cloaking – you can now mask destinations. I know it’s not ideal, but slowly the promised features will be added to the old dashboard.

In the end, this should have been the process, of slowly adding more features instead of one rebuild. But ok, I felt the pressure to deliver something nice on the promised launch date.

Look, I really get it. Some of you might not be thrilled about switching back. But from the angry emails lately, it seems most of you do prefer the original platform.

Any questions or hiccups? Just hit me up, and we’ll figure it out.

The new platform ( will be signing off on the 22nd of October. You can access your dashboard here. But all your data will be in the

Thanks for (hopefully) sticking around and being understanding. Hope things are smoother from here on out...

— Dave