URL QR code generator

Generate easy & customizable URL QR codes in minutes.

Enabling this will create a QR code that points to an internal short link, which will redirect to any specified link, dynamically. Change the destination of your QR code at any time, no reprinting is needed.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed.
Save your QR code
Make sure to test your QR code before using it in production.

If your QR code is not working you can adjust the "Error correction" in the "Quality settings" tab.

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1. Create your QR codes Create editable QR codes with SQR that you can use more than once. Change the content of your QR code link any time you need a change. Never worry about making a mistake and having to reprint your codes.
2. Customise your QR Design Add your brand’s logo and colors to your codes, give them a gradient, add your brand’s name to the short URL, alter the shape of your codes and personalize your landing pages. The more unique you can make them, the more scans you get.
3. Track your QR codes View all the valuable data SQR.co gives you, in your personal dashboard, like the number of scans, places and days visitors scanned your codes, demographic information about your guests, and the devices they use to scan your codes.

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