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217 things you can do with QR Codes

Created on 25 February, 2023Use Cases • 8 minutes read

Creative things you can do with QR codes

Do you know those little square codes that seem to be everywhere nowadays? Yep, those are QR codes! They hold a ton of information that you can access with just a quick scan, and we're not just talking about websites and promotions here. These tiny codes are like a secret weapon, and there are unlimited ways you can use them to make your business way more fun and interesting!

In this article, we've rounded up 217 quirky and creative things you can do with QR codes, from marketing and education to personal finance and fitness. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on these amazing ideas! Whether you're a tech-savvy entrepreneur, an adventurous traveler, or just someone looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your daily routine, there's a QR code solution for you. So get ready to unlock the full potential of these amazing little codes and make every day an adventure!

  1. Share contact information with others
  2. Provide directions to a specific location
  3. Allow customers to quickly and easily access your website
  4. Link to social media profiles
  5. Create a virtual business card
  6. Share a WiFi network's login credentials
  7. Provide product information and reviews
  8. Allow customers to easily access and redeem coupons
  9. Provide event details and registration information
  10. Allow customers to quickly and easily purchase products
  11. Share recipes and cooking instructions
  12. Share music or other digital content
  13. Create a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt game
  14. Allow customers to easily schedule appointments
  15. Provide emergency contact information
  16. Create a digital business card for networking
  17. Share job listings and career information
  18. Allow customers to easily book reservations
  19. Provide real estate information and listings
  20. Create a digital menu for a restaurant or cafe
  21. Allow customers to quickly and easily make payments
  22. Share a playlist of songs or videos
  23. Provide customer feedback forms and surveys
  24. Create a digital map of an event or festival
  25. Share instructional videos and tutorials
  26. Provide transportation schedules and information
  27. Share news and current events updates
  28. Allow customers to easily sign up for newsletters or mailing lists
  29. Share information about historical landmarks and other points of interest
  30. Provide fundraising information and donation options
  31. Allow customers to easily reorder products or services
  32. Share art and photography portfolios
  33. Provide feedback forms for conferences or events
  34. Allow customers to easily make donations to charitable organizations
  35. Provide customer support and troubleshooting information
  36. Create a digital business card for salespeople and marketers
  37. Share fashion and style tips and ideas
  38. Allow customers to easily track their orders and shipments
  39. Provide academic and educational resources
  40. Share book summaries and reviews
  41. Create a digital business card for freelancers and contractors
  42. Allow customers to easily make reservations for tours and activities
  43. Share information about local businesses and attractions
  44. Provide customer loyalty rewards and incentives
  45. Create a digital brochure or catalog
  46. Share health and wellness tips and resources
  47. Allow customers to easily sign up for loyalty programs
  48. Provide legal and regulatory information
  49. Create a digital wedding invitation
  50. Share personal blog posts and writing
  51. Allow customers to easily register for classes or workshops
  52. Provide travel tips and recommendations
  53. Create a digital resume or CV
  54. Share photos and videos of events and activities
  55. Allow customers to easily leave reviews and feedback
  56. Provide charitable giving options and opportunities
  57. Create a digital annual report
  58. Share financial and investment advice
  59. Allow customers to easily contact customer service
  60. Provide entertainment recommendations and reviews
  61. Create a digital event invitation
  62. Share gardening tips and resources
  63. Allow customers to easily sign up for credit cards or loans
  64. Provide legal advice and services
  65. Create a digital party invitation
  66. Share DIY projects and tutorials
  67. Allow customers to easily book hotel rooms and travel accommodations
  68. Provide personal finance tips and resources
  69. Create a digital thank-you card
  70. Share tips and advice for pet care and ownership
  71. Allow customers to easily sign up for insurance
  72. Provide career development and job search resources
  73. Create a digital family newsletter
  74. Share home improvement tips and resources
  75. Allow customers to easily sign up for gym memberships and fitness classes
  76. Provide personal growth and self-improvement resources
  77. Create a digital birthday card
  78. Share photography and videography tips and resources
  79. Allow customers to easily sign up for subscription services
  80. Provide legal document templates and resources
  81. Create a digital baby shower invitation
  82. Share beauty and skincare tips and resources
  83. Allow customers to easily sign up for online dating services
  84. Provide mental health and wellness resources
  85. Create a digital holiday card
  86. Share fashion and beauty product reviews
  87. Allow customers to easily purchase event tickets
  88. Provide real estate investment information and resources
  89. Create a digital wedding program
  90. Share travel product and service reviews
  91. Allow customers to easily order takeout and delivery from restaurants
  92. Provide resources for starting a business or entrepreneurship
  93. Create a digital funeral program
  94. Share art and design product and service reviews
  95. Allow customers to easily schedule home repairs and maintenance services
  96. Provide financial planning and investment resources
  97. Create a digital graduation announcement
  98. Share personal care and hygiene product reviews
  99. Allow customers to easily reserve rental equipment and vehicles
  100. Provide spiritual and religious resources
  101. Create a digital adoption announcement
  102. Share home cleaning and organization tips and resources
  103. Allow customers to easily purchase movie tickets
  104. Provide environmental sustainability resources
  105. Create a digital pet adoption announcement
  106. Share sports and fitness product and service reviews
  107. Allow customers to easily book travel accommodations for groups and events
  108. Provide resources for creative writing and storytelling
  109. Create a digital holiday gift guide
  110. Share children's toy and game reviews
  111. Allow customers to easily book transportation services such as taxis and shuttles
  112. Provide resources for learning a new language
  113. Create a digital party planning guide
  114. Share outdoor recreation and adventure product and service reviews
  115. Allow customers to easily schedule pet grooming and care services
  116. Provide resources for financial literacy and money management
  117. Create a digital product launch announcement
  118. Share food and beverage product and service reviews
  119. Allow customers to easily purchase gift cards and gift certificates
  120. Provide resources for healthy living and nutrition
  121. Create a digital new hire welcome packet
  122. Share home entertainment product and service reviews
  123. Allow customers to easily book private events and parties
  124. Provide resources for personal branding and marketing
  125. Create a digital inventory list for home or business
  126. Share automotive product and service reviews
  127. Allow customers to easily reserve tickets for live performances and concerts
  128. Provide resources for creativity and innovation
  129. Create a digital business plan template
  130. Share home and garden product and service reviews
  131. Allow customers to easily book hair and beauty appointments
  132. Provide resources for mindfulness and meditation
  133. Create a digital sponsorship proposal
  134. Share education product and service reviews
  135. Allow customers to easily purchase and download digital content such as e-books and music
  136. Provide resources for emotional intelligence and social skills
  137. Create a digital fundraising campaign
  138. Share home security and safety tips and resources
  139. Allow customers to easily book photo and video shoots
  140. Provide resources for conflict resolution and mediation
  141. Create a digital program evaluation form
  142. Share technology product and service reviews
  143. Allow customers to easily purchase and ship gifts to others
  144. Provide resources for overcoming adversity and resilience
  145. Create a digital art exhibition catalog
  146. Share virtual event and meeting platform reviews
  147. Allow customers to easily schedule video conferencing calls
  148. Provide resources for community building and engagement
  149. Share home decor product and service reviews
  150. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule beauty services such as facials and massages
  151. Provide resources for public speaking and presentation skills
  152. Create a digital nutrition and meal plan
  153. Share software and app product reviews
  154. Allow customers to easily book fitness classes and sessions
  155. Provide resources for team building and leadership development
  156. Create a digital fitness challenge
  157. Share virtual reality and augmented reality product reviews
  158. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule personal training sessions
  159. Provide resources for time management and productivity
  160. Create a digital employee handbook
  161. Share online course and e-learning platform reviews
  162. Allow customers to easily book tutoring and educational services
  163. Provide resources for digital marketing and advertising
  164. Create a digital cooking and recipe book
  165. Share online job search and career development resources
  166. Allow customers to easily schedule house cleaning services
  167. Provide resources for effective communication and interpersonal skills
  168. Create a digital product comparison chart
  169. Share music and entertainment product reviews
  170. Allow customers to easily book music lessons and instruction
  171. Provide resources for social media marketing and management
  172. Create a digital business directory
  173. Share photography and videography product reviews
  174. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule music performance gigs
  175. Provide resources for graphic design and visual communication
  176. Create a digital project management tool
  177. Share online marketplace product and service reviews
  178. Allow customers to easily book language lessons and translation services
  179. Provide resources for sales and customer service
  180. Create a digital restaurant menu
  181. Share green energy and sustainability product reviews
  182. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule yoga classes and instruction
  183. Provide resources for public relations and media relations
  184. Create a digital product unboxing video
  185. Share DIY and crafting product and service reviews
  186. Allow customers to easily book dance lessons and instruction
  187. Provide resources for event planning and management
  188. Create a digital product demo video
  189. Share fashion and style product and service reviews
  190. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule acting classes and instruction
  191. Provide resources for search engine optimization and online visibility
  192. Create a digital wedding registry
  193. Share interior design and home renovation product reviews
  194. Allow customers to easily book personal styling and fashion consultation services
  195. Provide resources for content creation and copywriting
  196. Create a digital customer feedback form
  197. Share home appliance and electronics product reviews
  198. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule voiceover and narration services
  199. Provide resources for data analysis and business intelligence
  200. Create a digital personalized gift certificate
  201. Share online art and design resources and marketplaces
  202. Allow customers to easily book music production and recording services
  203. Provide resources for e-commerce and online retail
  204. Create a digital customer loyalty program
  205. Share home improvement and repair product reviews
  206. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule DJ services
  207. Provide resources for web development and coding
  208. Create a digital emergency preparedness kit checklist
  209. Share online financial planning and investment resources
  210. Allow customers to easily book personal coaching and mentorship services
  211. Provide resources for user experience design and usability testing
  212. Create a digital recipe-sharing platform
  213. Share online language translation and interpretation services
  214. Allow customers to easily purchase and schedule makeup and beauty services
  215. Provide resources for cybersecurity and data protection
  216. Create a digital sustainability pledge
  217. Share online job board and recruitment platform reviews

So there you have it, folks! 217 incredible and downright playful things you can do with QR codes. From turning your business into a tech-savvy sensation to spicing up your daily routine, these little codes can do it all! So the next time you see a QR code, don't just scan it and move on – get creative and explore all the fun ways you can use it to enhance your life. And who knows, you might just come up with the next big QR code craze! Thanks for joining us on this playful journey, and remember: life is always more fun with a little bit of QR code magic!