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The QR code that never expires

Created on 28 September, 2022Learn • 3 minutes read

How to create a QR code that you never have to reprint again and will always keep working

Dynamic QR codes are a flexible and advanced type of QR. These codes are editable and trackable in scans compared to their static counterparts with multiple. 

Furthermore, dynamic QR code also has multiple integrations to different software such as Google Analytics, Zapier, Hubspot, and Canva. 

It also has features such as putting a password into your QR code, a Google Tag Manager feature, or any other pixel.

But do you know how dynamic QR codes work? These advanced and flexible QR codes were specially designed as a new generation marketing tool to target customers while keeping things fun and engaging.

What is a Dynamic QR code, that never expires?

Dynamic QR codes have a short URL embedded in the code, which can redirect the user to the destination website URL. The destination URL can be changed after the QR code has been generated, while the short URL embedded in the code remains the same.

What is the difference between static and dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes are editable in nature as they follow a redirection mechanism, unlike static QR Codes, which have the information directly encoded. These QR Codes are preferred over static ones as they offer QR scan tracking, and online retargeting on Google and Facebook, and are faster to scan.

How do dynamic QR Codes work?

QR Codes are encoded versions of a URL or information. In a regular QR Code, the data is directly encoded into squares and dots and redirects straight to the destination URL upon scanning. 

However, a dynamic QR Code works differently. Instead of pointing directly at the information, it points at a short URL. You can later decide where the short URL should redirect.

Benefit 1: Editable QR Codes keep your campaigns up-to-date

Think of a coffee packet with a dynamic QR Code. This QR Code can link to cold coffee recipes in the summer, steaming cappuccino & mocha recipes in the winter – not to forget – keeping up with the Dalgona coffee trend! Basically, a dynamic QR Code empowers you with the flexibility to change the QR Code destination or content as per your requirements. Starting with a static QR Code might be limiting as you scale up, but that’s not the case with dynamic QR Codes.

Benefit 2: Dynamic QR is faster to scan

Smooth CX is the key to loyal customers. Imagine if your consumer was struggling to scan your QR Code. She would not only miss out on the designed experience but also have an unpleasant experience with your brand.

Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, are shortened URLs converted into QR patterns. Given that the URL is short, the data patterns are not as dense as regular QR Codes. Scant data patterns make it easy for cameras and QR scanners to detect them. This not just makes your QR Codes look cleaner but also amplifies the consumer experience.

Benefit 3: A dynamic QR Code is trackable

QR Code is a call-to-action button on the physical world. And just like any other campaign, it’s essential to measure to improve them. The regular static QR Codes lack that capability. With dynamic QR Codes, you can track the scans, monitor user behavior, and know consumers better.

Benefit 4: A dynamic QR Code makes future expansion a breeze

Static QR Codes are limiting. Once you add them to packaging or marketing collateral, you cannot reuse them. That’s not ideal for growing businesses. You are launching new campaigns, announcing new stores, and testing new product positioning every month or even week.

Instead, if you use dynamic QR Codes, you can always upgrade your offering, location, contact details, and more to what’s most relevant.

Is there a free QR code generator that doesn’t expire?

SQR is one of the only QR code generators where you can free create dynamic QR codes that will never expire. You can sign up for free and start creating dynamic QR codes and short links here. You don't need a paid subscription or a trial that ends in a week to get started.