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5 Benefits of Contactless Dining

Created on 12 August, 2022Hospitality • 3 minutes read

Digital menus can be optimized for mobile to make high-margin items more appealing and delicious.

Hotels & Restaurants throughout the world started realizing the importance of digitalization when COVID-19 forced them to reduce the contact between guests and the staff. While adoption of technology might require an investment of time & money but its benefits far outweigh the costs.

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing Contactless Dining:

Boosts Average Table Value

Digital menus can be optimized for mobile to make high-margin items more appealing and delicious. Digital menus can be equipped with Intelligent algorithms offering recommendations based on guest profiles. Thereby, raising the value of each table. Additionally, self-serve technology like kiosks and online ordering has proven that diners are more inclined to spend more when there is less social friction.

Boost staff productivity

Contactless dining means less back and forth for staff. In turn, this can actually lead to a much more productive team. The traditional dining experience requires staff to constantly be moving from one table to the next to take orders, bring out dishes, take payments, and check on how diners are doing. That translates into a lot of time spent simply moving around the restaurant floor. With guests taking care of the ordering and payment process themselves, staff has more time to spend on other tasks.

Faster Table Turnaround Time

Traditionally, guests spend about 20% of their time while seated at a restaurant waiting for the physical menu or for the staff to take the order. This translates to a huge dent in the sales of a restaurant. Table turnaround time is one of the most important restaurant metrics and contactless dining can help improve that number. The ability to control just about everything from their mobile device means guests don’t have to wait for menus to be brought out, for their order to be taken, or even to pay their bills. Thereby, serving more guests during the same hours can now be a possibility with contactless dining.

Improved Order Accuracy

Restaurants often offer a loud and chaotic environment for staff to work in, meaning it’s common for staff to mishear or misinterpret a guest’s order. Not to mention, with most staff and customers now wearing face masks that can muffle conversation, the chances of miscommunication are even higher. Contactless dining eradicates the chances of misordering or misinterpretation while receiving orders. The big benefit of contactless ordering is that customers do the ordering themselves. And since customers have the ability to select, review, and place their own orders there’s less risk that staff will mishear an order or misunderstand specific instructions. Thereby, empowering restaurants to offer a seamless ordering experience to their guests.

Reduces Contact

Last but not least, the biggest benefit that a contactless dining experience offers is the reduction of contact between the guest and the staff, physical menu, and cash.COVID-19 has brought about the hospitality industry to its knees primarily because of its human-intensive nature and involvement of people at physical items at every stage. Instead of handling menus, pens, and receipts, contactless dining means that the only thing guests need to touch is their own mobile device.

While the COVID-19 pandemic might be coming to an end with the rollout of the Vaccine, diners’ heightened anxieties will likely linger for some time. In fact, Medallia Zingle’s recent survey, COVID-19 & The Future Of Commerce, found that 77% of customers said they will take the need for in-person contact into account when they decide whether or not to visit a business moving forward.

As a result, taking the opportunity to invest in a contactless dining solution now not only allows you to offer a safer dine-in experience in the short term, but you’re also setting your restaurant up to cater to changing consumer behaviors. Menu.Cards offers a comprehensive contactless ordering solution for restaurants. To have a detailed view of our solution, see our demo store here.