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Why your restaurant needs a QR menu

Created on 22 August, 2022 โ€ข Hospitality โ€ข 1 minutes read

We show you the Benefits for your business and the most important benefits for your customers.

Benefits for your business

  • Offer your guests a clean and modern solution to see their menu. Regular print menus are touched with up to 100 hands per day.
  • The Paper menu is getting ruined quickly. So they need to reprint. With QR Menu the QR card or sticker is protected and can last a lot longer.
  • For any new dishes, using a print menu, they need to reprint their menu or introduce a new sheet of paper in their menu. With QR Menu, they just go to the website and update the menu.
  • ECO friendly. A big restaurant menu = 1 tree. Yes, for real.
  • Restaurants can share their menu online. Based on research conducted by OpenTable, 86% of customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out.

Benefits for your Customers

  • Super clean solution. Using their phone, they just scan the QR, and they see the menu. No mobile app is required.
  • They will not touch a thing that is being touched with 100 different hands in one day.
  • No need to wait for a waiter just to bring the menu.
  • Sometimes, on bigger tables, guests need to wait for others to read the menu, and then pass it to them. No more, using their phones everyone can have the menu instantly.
  • According to a study, 20% of the print menu prices arenโ€™t up to date. With the QR menu, they will always see up-to-date prices and menu items.
  • They will be able to quickly see the correct item price. They are able to select different item variants and variant extras.

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