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QR Marketing for real estate agencies

Created on 24 August, 2022Use Cases • 3 minutes read

Here are six common ways how to use QR codes for your real estate operations.

50% of buyers find new homes online. By looking at these figures alone, real estate deals have moved from offline to offline. Because of these, realtors are now using QR codes in their real estate marketing.

Through this, realtors can reach more customers due to their broader market coverage.

With different QR code solutions that are offered by experts, here are six common ways how to use QR codes for your real estate operations.

1. Through Business Cards

Real estate agencies gain the client’s recognition through the use of their business cards. 

33% of home buyers find the homes they buy from real estate agents. Because of this, the business card QR codes are introduced to realtors.

By moving the business card information into QR codes, the space realtors usually provide for this information will be eliminated and thus create a cleaner and minimalistic look on their business cards.

In this way, they can catch the customers’ attention by integrating business card QR codes in real estate marketing.

2. QR codes on Posters

Realtors use posters and signages to get their prospective buyer’s attention to the property they are selling. It is one of the ways how to close more deals.

Because of its huge significance in real estate marketing, different real estate agencies are imploring design-wise posters in malls, offices, and business districts.

To make the design of your real estate posters stand out, you can integrate QR codes and let everyone scan them.

The information you can include in your QR code is the location of the property, show images of the property using a QR code, etc. 

3. Direct linkage of QR to Videos

85% of buyers and sellers want to work with agents that use video in their property promotions. Because of this, many real estate agencies are incorporating the use of videos in their marketing strategies.

To keep up with the changes made in real estate marketing, the integration of video QR codes are can be your best move today.

By adding an in-depth house tour video to your QR code, the chances of getting your property sold are high.

4. Create highly engaging Ads

For real estate businesses, advertising a property can be a tough task to do. Because of that, some real estate companies are having a problem with increasing their sales.

To avoid these encounters, modern technological solutions are introduced by marketing experts. And one of these solutions is the use of dynamic QR codes.

Through this, you can add more information about the property you are selling without the need of spending more advertising space.

For this, you can also use a URL QR code to redirect to more information. 

By integrating the use of dynamic QR codes in real estate advertisements, you can increase the prospect’s customer experience by immersing them in an interactive inquiry set up.

In this way, you can extend your prospect’s inquisition and increase the chance of getting your property sold.

5. Link your QR code to Social Media Accounts

As social media ranks as the top go-to site of 2021, realtors take this opportunity to gather more customers online.

Because of this, social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are adding ad features to their platforms. But just like any unconventional marketing upgrades, the challenges they are facing are inevitable.

To cope with these modern marketing strategies, marketing experts are using social media QR codes in directing their clients to their social media pages.

In this way, their customers will not be struggling in searching their accounts/pages.

With just one scan, they can explore their realtors’ social media accounts from one platform to the other.

6. Show and share PDF documents using a PDF QR code

Since PDFs are compact and can be compatible with any device, almost all documents found online are in PDF. Because of this, PDFs are the best document format to use in immersing your clients with more information about the property you are selling.

Also, you can provide them with property listings within their state and let them know more about it.

The best way to send your PDF real estate listings is through the use of QR codes.

In this way, you can unburden your customers from clicking lengthy PDF URLs, take a screenshot of it and send it to their fellow house hunters.