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Why QR Code Design Matters: If You Can't See It, Your Phone Can't Scan It

Создано 14 Март, 2023Learn

The design of a QR code can impact its functionality and effectiveness

Android phones are not necessarily "bad" at scanning QR codes

Создано 11 Март, 2023Learn

but some users may experience difficulty depending on a variety of factors.

Best use cases for QR codes in the food industry

Создано 3 Март, 2023Hospitality

Giving customers the ability to make better and more informed choices

Why Dynamic Short Links Are Crucial for Your Business

Создано 3 Март, 2023Short Links

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and equip your website with dynamic short links today!

SMS QR Codes: Best Practices for Boosting Conversion

Создано 1 Март, 2023Marketing

Learn the best practices for using SMS QR codes in marketing

What QR Code Types Should You Use on Your Website?

Создано 1 Март, 2023Marketing

Unsure about which QR code types to use on your website? Let me tell you.

Choosing the Best Colors for Your QR Code: Tips for Maximum Scan

Создано 1 Март, 2023Marketing

Want to maximize the scans of your QR code? Choose the best colors for your design!

What is the Best Printing Size for a QR Code?

Создано 1 Март, 2023Learn

Choosing the right printing size for your QR code is crucial to ensure maximum readability

Unlocking the Potential of QR Code Marketing

Создано 28 Февраль, 2023Marketing

Discover the best practices for maximising engagement and sales with QR code marketing

QR Codes That Pop: Design Best Practices for Engaging and Effect

Создано 27 Февраль, 2023Marketing

Engaging and effective QR codes that capture the attention

How to Create a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Создано 27 Февраль, 2023Marketing

QR code marketing campaign that engages customers and drives conversions

The Future of QR Codes: Innovations and Opportunities

Создано 26 Февраль, 2023Learn

Learn about the latest innovations in QR code technology

The Ultimate Guide to Connecting to WiFi via QR Code

Создано 26 Февраль, 2023Learn

Tired of struggling with long and complicated WiFi passwords?

Short Links: The Guide to Streamlining Your Online Presence

Создано 26 Февраль, 2023Short Links

Informative guide to using short links effectively in your online content

217 things you can do with QR Codes

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Use Cases

Creative things you can do with QR codes

Boost your Barber Shop with QR codes

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Use Cases

Revolutionize Your Barber Shop with SQR QR Codes: Boost Your Business and Delight Clients

50 benefits of QR codes

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Learn

QR codes have proven to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their marketing

9 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Your Business

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Business

Discover the benefits of QR code generators for your business

The Competitive Edge: Why Co-Working Spaces Should Use QR Codes

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Co Working

QR codes as a way for co-working spaces to stay ahead of the competition

Why you should consider using SQR as your QR code generator

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Happy Customers

Why asked some of our customers and summarised their answers

Trade Show Success: The Power of QR Codes

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Trade show

Enhance your marketing efforts and provide value to your customers

Revving up Your Marketing: QR Codes Can Boost Your Coffee Shop

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Hospitality

By using QR codes, coffee shops can enhance their marketing efforts and provide value to their customers.

Start using QR codes for your real estate business

Создано 25 Февраль, 2023Real estate

By using QR codes, real estate businesses can enhance their marketing efforts and provide value to their clients.

App store or Google Play?

Создано 3 Декабрь, 2022Use Cases

Open either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store depending on the device used

Most asked questions about QR codes

Создано 29 Сентябрь, 2022Learn

QR codes becoming one of the most popular sales, marketing, and customer service tools worldwide.

The QR code that never expires

Создано 28 Сентябрь, 2022Learn

How to create a QR code that you never have to reprint again and will always keep working

What are the elements of a QR code?

Создано 27 Сентябрь, 2022Learn

A complex matrix of black and white squares.

QR Code Scanner & Reader

Создано 27 Сентябрь, 2022Learn

You can easily and quickly Generate, Download and Scan your QR codes all in one place – SQR

Create a WhatsApp QR Code for Free

Создано 26 Сентябрь, 2022Social media

Generate a WhatsApp QR Code in seconds and connect with anyone on WhatsApp with a QR Code scan

US QR code usage statistics (2019-2025)

Создано 26 Сентябрь, 2022Learn

QR codes are becoming embedded in the ways customers engage in everyday life. Learn about the current and future QR usage here.

80+ Free online web tools for your business

Создано 10 Сентябрь, 2022Business

Useful tools for your business

How SQR.co can Improve your Marketing Plan via A/B Testing

Создано 8 Сентябрь, 2022Marketing

There are so many ways to market, but is there a way to determine which ones are effective or what strategy works best?

Creative job interview method: QR code tattoo

Создано 6 Сентябрь, 2022Marketing

A unique ad campaign to not only boost branding, but test potential tattoo artists

How Reclaimed Brick-Tile is using SQR for their unique business

Создано 28 Август, 2022Happy Customers

How to create more awareness for your brand using QR codes

How a design studio is using SQR to their advantage

Создано 27 Август, 2022Happy Customers

Read how Segern is using SQR for their business and make unique ideas come to life

How to draw more clients in your real estate marketing using QR

Создано 24 Август, 2022Use Cases

The real estate business is one of the most challenging businesses to do

QR Marketing for real estate agencies

Создано 24 Август, 2022Use Cases

Here are six common ways how to use QR codes for your real estate operations.

How you can take your company to the next level?

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

With 'growth' we think more of linear growth. A company grows by adding new resources.

What are the benefits of having a co-founder?

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

Setting up a business on your own can be quite easy, after all, you are completely in control.

Characteristics of good leadership

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

Good leaders also make employees happier, more engaged, and more productive and have a positive impact on the company

11 Reasons to use a QR code Menu in a Restaurant

Создано 22 Август, 2022Hospitality

Increasingly, restaurants are offering a QR code menu to sit-in customers for table ordering. It’s a great solution

Why You Should Learn to Say "No"

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

Saying no is a crucial skill every business owner must master. In this article, we will teach you why it is so difficult to say

Why your restaurant needs a QR menu

Создано 22 Август, 2022Hospitality

We show you the Benefits for your business and the most important benefits for your customers.

10 tips for a healthy co-founder relationship

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

Somewhere along the line, you might decide that you are more powerful as part of a team.

Why your restaurant needs an online ordering system

Создано 22 Август, 2022Hospitality

42% of consumers that the ability to order online makes them choose one restaurant over another.

How do you deal with performance anxiety?

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

Concrete tips and tools that you as a starting entrepreneur can use to launch your career and not give in to the fear of failing

Restaurant Pricing and Profits

Создано 22 Август, 2022Hospitality

Generate profits by offering guests the best food, the best atmosphere, and the best service in town.

Why meditate? 11 scientifically proven benefits of meditation

Создано 22 Август, 2022Business

See your mind or thoughts as a kind of tool. Meditating is a technique for learning how to use this tool.

QR Code Menus for Restaurants

Создано 22 Август, 2022Hospitality

They’re popular not only for providing a touch-free experience but also because they’re easy to use

Using custom QR codes for your online music course

Создано 21 Август, 2022Happy Customers

Read how Futch is using custom QR codes for his online music production courses.

5 Benefits of Contactless Dining

Создано 12 Август, 2022Hospitality

Digital menus can be optimized for mobile to make high-margin items more appealing and delicious.

A guide to Running a Successful Cafe

Создано 10 Август, 2022Hospitality

Social networking, advertising on and offline, as well as email campaigns will bring new customers to your café.

QR Codes for Business Services

Создано 7 Август, 2022Use Cases

Reduce the amount of paper and ink printed on marketing materials for an inexpensive and sustainable solution for receiving info

QR Codes for Healthcare

Создано 7 Август, 2022Use Cases

In the vast healthcare industry of medical practices, QR codes can be used for many overlooked topics as a way to relay informat

How to make a QR Code for your Facebook Event

Создано 7 Август, 2022Events

Facebook’s endeavor to allow all its users to interact with each other is as strong as ever.

Using QR codes in your Trade Show marketing strategy

Создано 5 Август, 2022Trade show

Trade shows are a great way to get your name out there, QR codes will help you to connect with your audience

QR Codes for Event Management

Создано 5 Август, 2022Events

QR codes are the perfect addition to any event for many specific purposes.

Enable customers to reach out from anywhere on WhatsApp

Создано 5 Август, 2022Marketing

Boost communication between your business and customers via QR codes.

How to use QR Codes to promote your events

Создано 5 Август, 2022Events

The main goal of any type of event is to join people together; for attendees to interact, share and learn with one another.

6 ways to use QR Codes at Trade Shows to ease engagement

Создано 5 Август, 2022Trade show

A conference is a place where you meet many people, talk to them, and get to know them.

QR Codes for Media and Publishing

Создано 5 Август, 2022Use Cases

Using QR codes for media and publishing is an amazing addition to printed reading materials and even online materials.

Are QR codes safe? Tips & tricks for a more secure mobile ma

Создано 4 Август, 2022Marketing

Things certainly aren’t the same – and while the daily headlines ensure we don’t lose track of the big changes.

What Information Is in a QR Code?

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

A QR code can be made up of a maximum of 177 rows and 177 columns, which makes for a possible 31,329 data modules.

The Ultimate Guide to Running a Sustainable Co-working Space

Создано 4 Август, 2022Co Working

This ultimate guide covers strategies and software that you need to run a sustainable Co-working space business.

How to Strategically Build Relationships in Co-working Spaces

Создано 4 Август, 2022Co Working

Co-working spaces enable you to build meaningful relationships that open the floodgate of business opportunities

10 Best Co-working Space Management Tools

Создано 4 Август, 2022Co Working

10 tools for every co-working space manager should have in their corner. Each tool addresses specific pain points

10 Transformational Benefits of a Co-working Space

Создано 4 Август, 2022Co Working

This is the greatest advantage of co-working spaces. If you're an open-minded person, there's no limit to the benefits

Simple Ways to Keep Your Shared Workspace Organized and Optimize

Создано 4 Август, 2022Co Working

Keeping your shared workspace organized can seem like a daunting task. But can be made easier with the tricks and strategies.

Using Dynamic QR Codes in Business

Создано 4 Август, 2022Marketing

Did you know that QR codes date as far back as 1994? The idea for QR codes originated from Japan’s automotive manufacturing

4 tips to make your QR code stand out

Создано 4 Август, 2022Marketing

Tips you should keep in mind when designing your QR code to make you stand out and be more attractive to your audience.

21 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes

Создано 4 Август, 2022Marketing

QR codes can be used in marketing, informational, and promo campaigns for companies, nonprofit organisations, etc

QR Code software

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

The easiest way to generate dynamic QR codes that you can track. You will never have to reprint your QR codes again.

Add your logo to a QR code

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

Do you know what’s even better than a QR code? A QR code that has your beautiful logo right smack in the middle!

Dynamic QR Codes vs Static QR Codes

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

When wanting to generate a QR code, one of the many things you have to know is that there are two main types: static and dynamic

What is a QR code? Everything you need to know is here

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

QR codes or quick response code allows access to specific information in an agile and straightforward way. So what is a QR code?

QR Codes Are Becoming Mainstream

Создано 4 Август, 2022Learn

QR codes, whether it be on a poster, book, point of purchase display, or magazine. What are they and where did they come from?

30 Things you should know about QR Codes

Создано 3 Август, 2022Learn

QR codes are a well-known technology that is used worldwide to connect the physical world to the digital one. You probably know

How to generate your own QR Codes

Создано 3 Август, 2022Learn

QR codes have a variety of uses since they can hold different kinds of data and are able to create quick and effective

Exchange contact details with your network in one click

Создано 3 Август, 2022Use Cases

Generate a QR code for a vCard. Just scan one static QR code to give all of the contact information you want to another person.

Empower effortless communication via email

Создано 3 Август, 2022Use Cases

Enable customers to email you with a single click - no need to enter the email address, think about the subject line

The easiest way to open a weblink via a QR code

Создано 3 Август, 2022Use Cases

Increase traffic to your website, share a YouTube video with a recent interview, give your customers access to your online store

Connect with your audience on social media

Создано 3 Август, 2022Social media

Create stunning social media QR codes to link to your social profiles and boost your engagement rates.

QR Codes for Home Repair and Maintenance

Создано 3 Август, 2022Use Cases

QR codes are an easy and accessible way to educate consumers on product knowledge about domestic machinery.

3 Tips For SMS and QR Code Marketing At Trade Shows

Создано 3 Август, 2022Marketing

You may have heard about QR (Quick Response) Codes and SMS Marketing. What about using these in your trade show marketing effort

Use QR Codes for Hospitality

Создано 3 Август, 2022Hospitality

Add QR codes to room service menus, key cards, use them for wifi, reservations, and anything else to give a more eco-option

Receive feedback effectively via QR codes

Создано 2 Август, 2022Use Cases

Create interactive feedback QR codes to collect feedback as quickly as possible.

What Starbucks can teach you about QR codes

Создано 2 Август, 2022Marketing

Reach customers like Starbucks

8 uses of QR codes for a measurable marketing campaign

Создано 2 Август, 2022Marketing

How to utilise QR codes for a better marketing strategy

7 practical uses of QR Codes

Создано 26 Июль, 2022Use Cases

There are more practical uses of QR codes than you think.

6 most powerful SQR features explained

Создано 3 Июль, 2022Marketing

Most used features from SQR.co explained